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Google Pixel 3a

Get fast and reliable Google Pixel 3a screen replacement and repairs at Gadgetclub, we specialize in providing comprehensive mobile repair services to address a wide range of issues with your device. From screen repairs and battery replacements to charging port fixes and camera repairs, our team of skilled technicians is equipped to handle all types of mobile repairs with precision and expertise. Whether you’re dealing with a cracked screen, water damage, or software issues, we have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and resolve the problem efficiently. With services including data recovery, button replacements, and speaker repairs, we strive to ensure that your device is restored to optimal functionality. Visit our mobile repair shop today and trust us to deliver reliable solutions for all your mobile repair needs.. With our express turnaround, your device will be ready in no time. Visit us today for top-quality service and support for your Google Pixel 3a.

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Front screen

Repair description:

Restore your device with our expert screen replacement services. Get that new phone feeling again in no time. Visit us for reliable and efficient service.

Repair time: Up to 60 minutes

003 dual camera

Camera (front)

Google Pixel 3a Front Camera Repair.

Repair time: Up to 60 minutes

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Other repairs

Google Pixel 3a Earpiece Speaker.

Google Pixel 3a Home Button.

Repair time: Up to 60 minutes

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I don’t know what’s wrong

Book our diagnostic service to get your device issues resolved. Our qualified technicians will diagnose the problem and advise you on any repairs or replacement parts needed. Trust us for efficient and reliable service.

Repair time: Up to 60 minutes


Buy, sell and exchange

Trade Your Phone In Today for Same Day Payment – Buy, Sell, and Exchange Google Pixel 3a with Gadgetclub.uk and Receive 100% of Value Quoted!

Repair time: Up to 60 minutes

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