How to Repair the Charging Port of iPhone 13 Pro

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iPhone 13 pro charging port uses a lightning connector an advanced technology developed by Apple. It is integral to its operations like data transfer, charging, and connection to other devices. Still, with time or due to some charging port problem you may face issues such as intermittent charging, slow charging or not charging at all.


Dust, lint, and physical damage to the pin may disrupt iPhone 13 pro functionality and the GadgetClub is here to repair all this.

Repairing the iPhone’s charging port is a delicate process so it must be done under the supervision of professionals.

Here are some general steps to replace the charging port provided to you by Gadget Club

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Pentalobe screwdriver (P2)
  • Tri-point Y000 screwdriver
  • #000 screwdriver
  • Plastic opening tools
  • Spudger
  • Tweezers
  • Suction cup
  • iPhone 13 Pro charging port replacement part
  • Isopropyl alcohol (90% or higher)
  • Microfiber cloth

Step-by-step guide of iPhone 13 pro charging port repair

  1. Backup Your Data: customers must be sure that all of their important data is backed up or not.
  2. Power Off the iPhone: slide off the iPhone 13 Pro before repairing.
  3. Remove the Pentalobe Screws: remove both screws located at the bottom of your iPhone.
  4. Open the iPhone 13 Pro:
  • Use a suction handle to create a gap between your iPhone front panel and rear case.
  • Insert the opening tool between the gap move the opening tool around the edges release the clip and remember to secure the display.
  1. Disconnect the Battery:
  • Use a try-point Y000 screwdriver to open the screws of the battery connecting cover.
  • After removing the cover carefully use a spudger to disconnect the battery connector from the logic board to prevent any electrical damage.
  1. Disconnect the Display Connectors:
  • Remove the screws connected to the display connector.
  • After removing the cover use a spudger to disconnect the display cables..
  1. Remove the Speaker and Taptic Engine:
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that are securing the speaker and taptic engine.
  • Carefully disconnect all the flex cables.
  1. Remove the Charging Port Assembly:
  • Remove all the screws through the screwdriver securing the charging port assembly.
  • Carefully remove strips holding the assembly in place.
  • Disconnect any cables connected to the charging port.
  • Gently remove the charging port assembly from the device.
  1. Install the New Charging Port:
  • Position the new charging port in the device.
  • Secure it with screws and reconnect all cables.
  • Ensure assembly is properly aligned.
  1. Reassemble the iPhone:
  • Rejoin the speaker and taptic system and secure them with their appropriate screws.
  • Reconnect the display cable and cover it with the connector cover.
  • Reconnect the battery connector.
  1. Close the iPhone:
  • Align the display and rare case and press it carefully from the edges.
  • Put back again two bottom screws.
  1. Power On and Test: turn on your iPhone 13 pro and test the charging port to see whether it’s working properly or not.

Important Tips

  • Work Slowly and Carefully: avoid rushing and do every step carefully to prevent damage to components.

  • Use Proper Tools: be sure you have proper tools to prevent damage.

NOTE: Remember it is not easy to do all these steps alone. All these steps should be done under the supervision of professionals and all these steps are provided to you by professionals of Gadget Club to help you provide the best facilities.


Essential Tips to Prevent Damage to Your iPhone 13 Pro Port

To prevent the iPhone 13 pro charging port from getting damaged follow the steps:

  1. 1. Use a Protective Case: Always try to use a protective case that covers the charging port of your iPhone to prevent it from damage.
  2. Keep the port clean: use a soft brush to clean the charging port.
  3. Handle cable with care: be gentle when plugging in and unplugging, always be gentle to avoid damage. and try to use highly certified cables.
  4. Avoid moisture: moisture can cause corrosion and damage.
  5. Avoid excessive force: avoid forcing cable into the port.
  6. Remove obstructions: if something is stuck in the port remove it gently from the port.
  7. Be mindful of the environment: avoid taking yourself to extreme temperatures so it can affect the integrity of the port.
  8. Use a dust plug: use a dust plug to prevent it from dust.


iPhone 13 Pro vs. Future iPhones (iPhone 15 and Later)

Increasing global regulations may compel Apple to adopt USB-C ports from the iPhone 15 Pro and future iPhones.replacing the current iPhone charging port.

USB-C how however will support much faster charging and will be able to transfer data as fast as compared to lightning port. and it will be able to transfer large amounts of data quickly and accurately.

iPhone 13 Pro Charging Time

iPhone 13 Pro charging depends on the charging method and way of use where as it can take 3.5 to 4 hours to get fully charged. always try to use a high-power adapter.

Enable optimized battery charging this feature helps to reduce battery aging.

Overheating can slow down the charging process. avoid charging in a hot environment.


Gadget Club helps customers repair their iPhone 13 pro charging port under the high supervision of professionals Repairing charging ports requires professional guidelines and proper tools to prevent them from further damage. The future shift of iPhone lightning ports to USB-C type may offer benefits such as fast charging and data transfer speed.

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