Is Your iPhone 11 Battery Draining Fast? Here’s What You Can Do

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Iphone 11 comes with a 100% battery health from the Apple company but due to several reasons its battery starts to drain more quickly, decreasing the working time and efficiency of the iphone. And if you’re facing such a problem then Gadget club store has got your back!

Your battery will be replaced within no time and you will feel no difference.



There are many reasons why the battery life of an iPhone 11 decreases over time. Some common reasons include:

  1. Battery Age: As the battery gets older and is used a lot, its capacity to hold the charge decreases, leading to shorter battery life.

  2. Background Apps: Using multiple apps in the background can drain the battery more quickly. It’s important to close apps that are not in use and refresh the iphone.

  3. Screen Brightness: Keeping the screen brightness of iphone high can take a lot of battery power. Low brightness can save battery life.

  4. Location Services: Apps that are constantly using location services cause the battery to drain. Turning them off for apps that don’t need it can help save power of the battery.

  5. Push Notifications: Constantly receiving push notifications can also affect  battery life. Disabling unnecessary notifications can be  helpful in saving battery life.

  6. Software Updates: Sometimes software updates can have bugs ,viruses or issues that drain the battery more quickly. Updating the latest software version can sometimes help improve battery life of your iphone.

  7. Overheating: If the iPhone 11 temperature rises too high, it can impact the battery life. Avoid exposing the phone to high temperatures areas or even over charging it.

  8. Charging Habits: Using non-Apple certified chargers or charging the phone too frequently or unplugging the charger too quickly  can also impact the battery life over time.

It’s important to notice  these factors and take steps to improve battery usage to extend the battery life of an iPhone 11.



To replace the battery of an iPhone 11, the Gadget club store follows the following steps very finely and precisely avoiding any glitch and taking care of even very small things to give the perfect results that will surely satisfy you.

  1. Checking Warranty: If your iPhone 11 is still under warranty, it’s recommended to have Apple or a service provider who is authorised to replace the battery to avoid neglecting  the warranty.
  2. Preparing the Tools: Pentalobe screwdriver, a suction cup, a spudger tool, and a new battery replacement kit is used.
  3. Turning Off the iPhone: Make sure to power off your iPhone 11 before starting the battery replacement.
  4. Removing the Screws: To open the iPhone, start by undoing the pentalobe screws at the charging port with the appropriate screwdriver.
  5. Detaching the Screen: Suction cup is used to lift the screen slightly. Next, a specialised tool called a spudger gently pries the screen away from the phone’s body.
  6. Replacement of the Battery: Locating the battery inside the iPhone and carefully removing it. Replacing it with the new battery from the replacement kit.
  7. Reassemble the iPhone: Once the new battery is in place,screen is reattached,screws are placed back, and the iPhone is powered on to see if it’s working properly.


There’s variation in iPhone 11 battery replacement costs depending on the repair location. Repair shops can offer a more budget-friendly option, but the quality of the replacement part might not always be the same. Gadget club offers a very reasonable and affordable price with promising quality that always satisfies their customers.


The battery in Apple’s iPhones is not easily accessible or replaceable, making it somewhat of a mystery in terms of its quality and performance. A refurbished iPhone 11’s Battery matters just as much as It looks.

Apple introduced a feature to check iPhone battery health with the release of iOS 11.3 in 2018.For optimal performance, consider updating your phone’s software to version 11.3 or higher. Head to Settings to find a feature that sheds light on your iPhone battery’s condition and performance. Within the Battery Health dashboard, you can monitor your phone’s battery to optimise its performance and determine when it might be necessary to replace the battery. There are three main components in the Battery Health tool:


  1. Maximum Capacity: This indicates how efficient your battery is compared to when the phone was new. Over time, batteries tend to lose efficiency, resulting in a decrease in the amount of charge they can hold. For optimal battery health, it’s best to avoid letting it completely drain and recharge it regularly before it reaches 80%.
  2. Peak Performance Capability: This feature typically displays a message indicating that your iPhone is capable of peak performance.If your iPhone suddenly shut down recently, you might see an alert saying the battery couldn’t provide the short burst of power needed. In this case, the phone will have activated performance management, indicating that the battery should be replaced soon.
  3. Optimised Battery Charging: Enabling this option prevents your phone from charging beyond 80% to safeguard the battery and extend its overall lifespan.This feature helps extend your battery life, especially if you charge overnight. It can be turned off for situations where you need a full 100% charge, like on a trip.


Battery inside a phone is just as important as oxygen for humans to live.So,it should be fully taken care of.Gadget club store uses the most enhanced,safest and modern way to replace your iphone 11s battery by using the finest tools and offering a reasonable price . Feel free to visit this website if you’re having any trouble with your battery,we have got your back.

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