iPhone 13 Pro Screen Repair: A Step-by-Step Guide

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If your iPhone 13 pro screen is not responding or working accurately or not showing the display, Gadget Club helps customers store their iPhone 13 pro back to working position. It provides the best satisfaction services to its customers.


Here are the ways to fix your iPhone screen:

Remove screws from the bottom

  • Power off the iPhone 13 Pro.
  • Remove the screws from the bottom of the iPhone 13 Pro with a screwdriver.
  • Opening the iPhone 13 Pro display compromises its waterproof seals so during repair, it prevents it from water exposure.

Heat the bottom of the phone

  • A heat gun is used at the bottom of the iPhone 13 pro for 90 seconds until the screen gets slightly hot.

Apply Suction Handle

  • Apply the suction handle first at the bottom of the phone but take care to avoid the very edge of the screen.
  • Slowly pull up the suction handle constantly to create a gap between the front panel and the rare case.
  • Then insert the opening pick between the gap.

Heat the right side of the iPhone

  • After inserting the opening pick between the bottom gap, use a heat gun and heat the right side of your iPhone 13 pro for 90 seconds until it gets heated.

Separate the right adhesive

  • Move the pick from the bottom corner until you reach the top right corner.
  • Leave pick over there before continuing.

Heat the edge

  • Use a heat gun to the top edge for three minutes until the iPhone screen is slightly hot to the touch.
  • After heating all the edges move pick around them. slowly and just use a 3mm top to move on the iPhone.\

Screen information

  • There are cables at the left edge so always keep in mind that don’t put a pick there there are chances to damage those cables.

Open iPhone

  • Open your iPhone from the right side and give back support until working on the phone.

Disconnect sensor

  • Remove the battery and connect the cover.
  • Disconnect battery.
  • Disconnect the display cover.
  • Unscrew the front sensor and connect the cover.
  • Unfasten the front sensor bracket.

Transferring assembly to a new screen

  • Connect back all the sensors.

when does the iPhone 13 pro screen have to be changed?

  • Here are some common signs to change your iPhone 13 Pro screen

    • The screen is uncolored
    • Touch screen unresponsive
    • Screen is discolored
    • Screen Is Hot. …
    • Dead pixels
    • Lines on screen
screen repair

Benefits of screen replacement of iPhone 13 pro from professionals

If you drop your iPhone 13 Pro or any time the screen is uncolored or unresponsiveness. Gadget Club will repair and replace your screen problems as soon as possible with the best market rates.

There are many advantages to the screen being replaced or repaired by professionals. Here are the benefits of screen replacement from professionals of Gadget Club.

This company offers screen replacement very quickly and more reliably than DIY replacement. This company tries its best to provide the best customer support and hand over mobile to customers as quickly as possible.

Addressing common concerns

Many customers are concerned about the price of the screen replacement. Our company guarantees customers the best facility and work, which will justify the price.

How to protect iPhone 13 pro screen?

After spending so much money on the iPhone 13 pro no one wants it to be ruined by any type of trivial accident. by following simple steps anyone can save their iPhone 13 pro.

  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Quick and easy bubble-free installation
  • Protection does not affect image quality
  • Increased screen touch sensitivity
  • Easy-to-clean surface

Using a high-quality screen protector is the best way to protect your iPhone from any kind of damage.

What kind of protector is best for iPhone 13 pro?

Spigen Tempered Glass screen protector is one of the best protectors specially designed for the iPhone 13 pro screen. this product has sustainability features and it is recognized by many trust certifications.

Note: using a screen protector isn’t a guarantee that your screen won’t be damaged however, a screen protector helps you to get fewer scratches and less harm to your screen.

Original iPhone screen VS Copy iPhone 13 pro screen

Most of the common questions asked by our customers which screen is best original or copy?

Well, the answer to this is quite simple Apple itself designs the original screens while the copy is manufactured entirely independently by a third party.

The original iPhone 13 pro quality is far better than the copy and the price difference is small. so the best decision is always to go for the original screen.

  • Copy screens have less brightness, vibrancy, and contrast than the original screen.
  • Copy screen is much more delicate than the original screen.
  • The copy screen has much lower quality than the original screen.


Repairing the iPhone 13 pro screen requires careful steps outlined by Gadget Club which offers trustworthy services and repair, addressing common concerns. To guard your device always invest in a high-quality screen protector.do remember the original screen provides much better quality and the copy screen may compromise durability.

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